#AddaWordRuinaMovie: The Most Fun I've Ever Had on Twitter

This weekend, #addawordruinamovie started trending on Twitter. Then, it went viral. The premise is simple. You add a word to a movie title that would change the movie for the worst. Millions of people around the globe joined the fun. Because I like reading and writing funny words, #addawordruinamovie was the second most entertaining thing that happened over my weekend.  It came in second only because I saw Paul Reiser, one of my comedy idols, perform on Saturday night. (Mad About You is my favorite TV show. Forever and ever.)

Since I threw hours down this hole instead of working towards meeting one of the half-dozen writing deadlines looming over my head, one of which included writing a blog, I thought, why let these words go to waste?

#AddaWordRuinaMovie Blog!

Here are some of my contributions:

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Empty-handed (A movie about an impolite dinner guest.)

Bridget Jones's Food Diary (A movie about Bridget Jones's obsession with myfitnesspal.com)

Superbad Cramps

The Boy Who Could Fly Spirit (A movie about the last person on earth who could stomach flying Spirit Airlines, the least competent airline that ever existed. The movie is set in 2015, when everyone else will know better.)

Home Alone Together

The Last Five Heartbeats

A Serious Man Purse

Turn Up (A movie about Atlanta's strip club culture.)

Sex and the City Bus

When Harry Met Sally Mae (Harry is a recent law school graduate who, on the day that he receives his first paycheck, runs into Sally Mae, the student loan company personified as a mob boss who wants her money like yesterday.)

When The Leeves Broke Up (A movie about a Motown group that broke up due to artistic differences and financial mismanagement.)

Best in Show Tunes

Tootsie Roll (A documentary about the 69 Boyz.)

The Republican Party

Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

My Father's Daughter, Soon-Yi

Sleepless in Seattle's Best (because, you see, Seattle's Best is a coffee shop chain based in Seattle, Washington.)

Batman Begins AA

Do the Right Thing, GOP

Juice Cleanse (My personal favorite.)

Waffle House Party 3

The Way We Were Waterboarded

The Zimmerman Verdict

How to Kill a Mockingbird

Exit Interview With a Vampire (From the Trailer: "I'm afraid...that your numbers were too low.")

Talk to Her Doctor

Analyze This Lump

The Cavity Search

Imitation Crab of Life

Saturday Night, Dengue Fever

Dance With a Craigslist Stranger

Death of a Pager Salesman

Akeelah and the Bee Hive

Postal Worker: Furloughed

Jaws Wired (The Kanye West Story)

The DeVry Graduate

The T-Cell Count of Monte Cristo

Adam's Short Rib (One man's quest for the perfect sandwich.)

Brown Sugar Diabetes

The Heat Rash

Love Lolo Jones


Here are some of my favorite's from others:

Siri, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

To Gillian on her 37th Birthday Shot

Charlotte's Web Cam

Men in Black Face

I Spit Lyrics On Your Grave

Don't Be Afraid Of the Dark People

10 Things I Hate About You REPUBLICANS

P.S. I Love You, Hitler

Wreck-It Ralph Nader (A movie about the 2000 Presidential Election.)

Paraplegic White Men Can't Jump

The Color Purple Drank

28 Days Late

Mystic Gluten-Free Pizza

Schindler's Bucket List

Friends With Healthcare Benefits

Citizen Kane's Sled

You've Got Hate Mail

Finding Nemo Dead

Drunk Driving Miss Daisy

Clear and Present Carlos Danger

Coming To America Illegally

Mr. Smith Goes to Shutdown Washington